The Office of the Supreme Leader

The Leader’s remarks in meeting with Iranian officials and ambassadors of Islamic countries

In the Name of God, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful

(Arabic prayer)

I congratulate all of you, dear brethren and sisters, who are present here, our guests – ambassadors of Islamic countries – and the entire great nation of Iran on the occasion of Eid al-Mab’ath [which marks Ordainment of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)].
Eid al-Mab’ath is important in that in this ordainment, which took place [on this day], the relationship between God and people, [and] the new plan for development of human societies and human beings, which existed in this ordainment, is still alive. This ordainment, this plan, [and] this development is potentially capable in all periods of time, in all states, [and] in all geographical points in the world to change people’s life, just in the same way that it changed it at that time toward goodness and salvation and bliss. This is why [Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)’s] Ordainment is important. [The first Shia Imam,] Imam Ali (PBUH) says when the Prophet was ordained and the Almighty God made the Honorable Prophet his messenger, the world was immersed in darkness. [He says,] “And the world was devoid of light, and deceit and complacency could be seen everywhere.” [Imam Ali (PBUH) says,] the human world was dark, [and] was full and teeming with complacency. Complacency means to be deceived by one’s own carnal desires; [it happens when] a human being imagines and is deluded to see himself in a certain state, which is far from the truth. [Upon Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)’ Ordainment] the world was in such state. The Quran has also mentioned this as the reason behind divine revelations, saying [that the Prophet was ordained] “to bring you out of darkness into the light;” [Ordainment took place] in order to bring humanity out of all kinds of darkness into the light.
Well, the darkness that existed at that time has been to a large extent reflected in history, both in the environment of the Arabian Peninsula and [the city of] Mecca and its vicinity, in which there was superstition, ignorance, ruthlessness, violence, injustice, bullying, mean life, [and] hunger, and in the modern world of that time. [If] you look at the two main centers of great civilizations at that time, namely, then Iran and [the ancient] Rome, you see this darkness and bleakness there as well. There were superstitions, darkness, discrimination, injustice, [and] brutality toward the weak under those empires as well. In Iran, this king, who is known for his justice – this Anushiravan, who is famous as just – killed several thousand people in one day because, for example, they were Mazdakites, [and] followed a different religion. He massacred several thousand people in a single day, [and] this is [only] one example. Under the Roman Empire, the king – this famous Nero – killed his mother, killed his wife, [and] set the whole city on fire. They were like this: [this is why Imam Ali (PBUH) says,] “And the world was devoid of light, and deceit and complacency could be seen everywhere.” [Therefore, such problems] were not special to the Arabian Peninsula, [because] the entire world was like this. It was under such conditions that the sun of Islam rose.
Well, what Islam invited to was an invitation to light; that is, it was an invitation to science, an invitation to fairness, and invitation to kindness, an invitation to unity, [and] an invitation to justice. All these [factors] are [sources of] illumination in the life of human societies, [and] these are all [sources of] light. The important point is that this invitation did not remain limited to words and on paper. Today, [if] you look at the documents of the United Nations or even documents related to some of the arrogant countries, [you will see that] there are good words in them. You look at the [Universal] Declaration of Human Rights and other things [to see that] these good remarks exist in them was well, but there is no sign of them in the real world.
Islam is important in that what the Prophet said on the first day, [and] what the verses of the Quran continuously taught people during those 13 years of difficult struggle in [the city of] Mecca, he implemented them later in the practical stage [of his divine mission], showed them [to the world] and acted upon them. The Prophet demonstrated that justice, that kindness, that fairness, that steadfastness in the face of oppression, [and] that steadfastness in the face of infidelity in practice. Attracting people to the field of science, [and] to the field of knowledge [was one goal of his mission]. This base and foundation and infrastructure, which the Prophet built over 10 years of his rule in [the city of] Medina was the same thing, which after the lapse of a century, [or] two centuries turned into the greatest human civilization. Yes, various dimensions of it were not realized – [for example,] justice was not realized once again – but [promotion of] science and taking advantage of knowledge and talents and [helping] growth of human potentialities, which had begun at the start of the Islamic government, progressed in such a way that after a short period of time – [in a matter of] one or two centuries – it turned into the greatest human civilization of which the entire world took advantage and was benefited by it. This is [the true nature of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)’s] Ordainment.
Today, we need the Ordainment. [The] first [step to be taken] is introduction of the Ordainment. As a first step, the world’s public opinion must know the concept and meaning of the Ordainment of [the Prophet of] Islam; this is a very important point. After establishment of the Islamic Republic, praise be to God, a drop of what the Prophet’s rule was like was realized in this [Islamic] establishment of ours and, for its turn, it became the origin of a huge development and a huge movement, which, praise be to God, still continues and will continue [in the future]. The global enemies of humanity – one cannot say [that they are just] the enemies of Islam – [and] the enemies of human societies decided to fight against that thing, which was the origin of this move and has [suitable breeding] grounds in an important part of the world; what was that thing? It was Islam.
Today, they are fighting against Islam; why? Because Islam is a cause of growth for societies, is a cause of movement by humans, is a cause for flourishing of talents, and is a cause for the creation of a common and concurrent spiritual and material civilization. Since Islam can prevent encroachments by the oppressor, materialistic civilization of today, therefore, they fight against Islam; [and in doing so, they take advantage of] all kinds and sorts of fight. Creation of terrorist groups in the name of Islam is one of these conspiracies. This is a conspiracy just in the same way that plaguing Islamic countries with war and disputes and discord is one [form] of these animosities [toward Islam]. At the present time, America and Zionism lead these hostilities [against Islam]. The evil and occupying Zionist government in Palestine, and behind it, the oppressor and arrogant government of America are fighting against Islam. Yes, today, they fight against the Islamic Republic more than others. This is because and for the reason that Islam is more manifest in the establishment of the Islamic Republic, is more realized [here,] and the ground for acting upon it and implementing it and taking action [according to it] is more [available] here. They oppose [the Islamic establishment in Iran,] because Islam does not allow [realization of] their greed, [and] stands against the arrogance; [therefore,] they are [in fact] opposed to Islam.
We, Muslims, must understand this in the first place that we have a duty toward non-Muslims, which we must introduce Islam [to them], [and] we have [also] a duty among ourselves. We must ourselves understand what is the reason behind animosity toward Islam by arrogant [political] establishments of the world and the bullying powers of the world? We must understand this. At the present time, Islamic governments must note that the reason why America is cooperating with this given Islamic government, [and] is hostile towards that one, is that, they don’t want these governments to join hands, don’t want them to become united, [and] do not want them to recognize their common interests; it is for this reason. Unfortunately, America has been successful with regard to [implementing] this divisive policy in our region; [and] this is a cause for regret. They have their hands inside the pockets of some [regional] governments in order to plunder their assets, and to make this easy, they create [false] enemies [for regional states]. They introduce either the Islamic Republic or Iran or Shiism as enemy [of regional countries] in order to be able to plunder them. At the present time, these are common policies of [global] powers topped by America. All of us must understand this, all of us must feel this, [and] must stand against this. [The best way] to stand against this is to create unity and create unanimity among Islamic countries.
Today, our region is unfortunately plagued with big problems. Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, [and] Iraq, [all of them] are plagued with problems one way or another. When we look for the basic factor [that is at work] with regard to these problems, we see that it is the [global] arrogance. It is espionage and security services of America and Zionism that are starting such developments and follow up on them and employ [various political] forces against one another. Attention must be paid to these [points].
Praise be to God, the will and determination of the Islamic Republic on this path is unshakable. There exists a clear and firm determination in the Islamic Republic [in this regard], not only among statesmen, [but also] among the entire nation. In the Islamic Republic, the party that is standing against bullying is the entire Iranian nation, is our youth, [and] is our revolutionary and our faithful people, who have stood fast in the face of bullying by [global] arrogance. And any nation and any country whose people stand in the face of enemy with solidarity, [by moving in] the same direction, [and] with empathy, the enemy will not be able to attack them in any way, [and] cannot do any damn thing.
The bravery of the Islamic Republic, [and] steadfastness of the Islamic Republic are due to this very unity and unanimity that exists [among the nation], and [is] due to people’s presence in the arena. Our people consider presence in the arena as a duty for themselves.
They referred to [the forthcoming] elections. Elections constitute one of the important manifestations of people’s presence in the arena; I want to emphasize this. Our dear people consider [participation in] elections as a duty and must consider it [as such, because] it is [really] a [national] duty. It is both a right and a duty. Elections are like a multipurpose instrument for the Islamic Republic establishment. Elections revive both the status of people and the right of people and the power of people for determining the top echelons of the government and [determining] the executive officials of the government, and give people the power to elect, while [at the same time,] preventing the enemy from attacking the country and the nation. Participation of people [in elections] prevents enemy’s attack and is meant to immunize the country. The meaning of people’s presence is that this great nation is standing as one. When the enemy sees this, it loses heart, [and] loses the ability to make a move and attack
Of course, everybody should know, [and] you know, that the enemies of the Islamic Republic establishment will use [all] their abilities to deal a blow [to Iran] wherever they can; [and] it has been like this up to the present time. There is no difference between this given team and the [other] given team within the American government. Those who were [in power at the White House] before now, continuously threatened Iran, [and] these new officials also keep threatening; there is no difference [between them in this regard]. They are all the same and there is no difference between them in that their intention is an evil intention toward the Iranian nation and the country of Iran and the Islamic Republic establishment. There is also no doubt that they cannot embark on any act of aggression, and any move they make against the Iranian nation will undoubtedly end to their detriment, and the reaction of the Iranian nation will be a strong reaction.
The Almighty God has done a favor to our nation, has bestowed awareness on them, has illuminated the path, [and] has provided us with accumulated experiences. There has always been enmity [toward the Iranian nation] during these about [past] forty years, there has always been evil motivation [against our nation] on the part of the enemy, they have always done whatever they could, and the Iranian nation has always progressed up to the present day despite them and in spite of what they have done. We will also continue to progress in the future, will continue to advance in the future, [and] our conditions will be better than the past despite the enemy, thanks to the divine Grace and through the divine power and assistance. [These advances] are owed to the faith of our nation, [and are] due to steadfastness of our nation. In the face of the enemy and in continuation of this path, maintain this faith, maintain this unity, maintain this presence in the arena, [and] maintain this strong and firm resolve. These enmities will continue until the enemy totally loses hope; [therefore,] you must do something that the enemy would fall into despair.
And I say this to all these esteemed gentlemen, who are candidates in the presidential election – [and] this is what I have said time and again – to make decisions, [and] also tell people, announce in their campaigns, [and] promise that [in their effort] for the progress of the country’s affairs, for [bringing about] economic development, [and] for cutting [the existing] knots, their eyes would not be set on [what exists] outside these borders, [but] their sight would be riveted on the [Iranian] nation. Our capabilities are many, [and] our potentialities are numerous. Paying attention to these potentialities, taking advantage of these potentialities, [as well as] wise and foresighted planning to take advantage of these potentialities can help the country achieve might and strength of internal structure. And this is that thing, which makes the enemy desperate, [and] this is that thing, which will give immunity to the country and nation and Islamic establishment, through the divine assistance.
I hope that the Almighty God would do us favor, and thanks to the divine favor on the purified souls of martyrs and the purified soul of the late Imam, the divine guidance and the supporting hand of God would back this nation as [it did] in the past, and God’s Grace would cover this nation.

Peace be unto you and so may the mercy of Allah and His blessings