Jurisprudence & Religious affairs
Jurisprudence & Religious affairs

Importing/promoting Israeli merchandise

Is it permissible to import Israeli goods and advertise them? If it happens out of choice, is it permissible to sell such goods?

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To break fast due to fear of harm
Someone with a strong excuse doubted — 50% probability — that fasting was not obligatory for him, so he did not fast. Later it became clear to him that fasting was obligatory for him at that time. What is the ruling in respect of performing the qaḍā’ and paying kaffārah?
To break fast before the tarakhkhuṣ limit
While going on a trip someone who is fasting breaks his fast before crossing the tarakhkhuṣ limit with the notion that he is a traveler, without knowing that he may break his fast before noon only when he has gone beyond the tarakhkhuṣ limit. What is the rule concerning his fast?