Jurisprudence & Religious affairs
Jurisprudence & Religious affairs

Age of discrimination and the meaning of "good" versus "bad"

In some religious texts, a discriminating child has been defined thus, "the child who can differentiate between good and bad". What is meant by "good and bad", and what is the age of discrimination?

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To make a mistake in pronunciation of words
I used to pronounce the words of prayers in the way I had learned from my parents and in secondary school. After a while, I found out that I had been pronouncing some words in a wrong manner. Is it obligatory for me — according to the fatwā of Imam Khomeini (q.) — to repeat the prayers? Or are all prayers that I performed in that way correct?
Waste water
Is the water which flows on the streets from municipal garbage vans and at times splashes on people’s clothes, due to strong wind, considered pure or najis?