Jurisprudence & Religious affairs
Jurisprudence & Religious affairs

Age of discrimination and the meaning of "good" versus "bad"

In some religious texts, a discriminating child has been defined thus, "the child who can differentiate between good and bad". What is meant by "good and bad", and what is the age of discrimination?

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Abortion advised by a physician
In the early months of her pregnancy the doctor told the mother that continuing with the pregnancy might pose a danger to her life. He further advised that the baby would be born deformed. In the light of his findings, the doctor advised the mother to have an abortion. Is this course of action permissible?
Khums on the bank deposit
The banks have a method for depositing money which makes it inaccessible to the depositor. It is in fact kept in one’s bank account with a particular method of computation. Is khums applicable to that money?
Attracting a non-maḥram by clothing
Is it permissible for a woman to wear a kind of ḥijāb or dress objects that could trigger the attention of other people or unleash their desire, e.g., to wear a chador in an unconventional way or choose socks with color or material which unleash the desire?
To forget one rak‘ah
What is the duty of a person who forgets to perform a rak‘ah of his prayer and then remembers it in the last rak‘ah? For example, thinking first rak‘ah of his prayer to be the second one, he performs the third and the fourth rak‘ah; then in this last rak‘ah he realizes that it is really only the third rak‘ah. What should he do?