The Office of the Supreme Leader

The Leader’s speech in meeting with commanders and members of the Basij Force

In the Name of God, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful

(Arabic prayer)

•    Potential of the Basij sign of its ability to be present in various sectors of the country
You are very welcome. Today’s meeting was really very useful and didactic and showed that the Basij, which is a unique phenomenon of the Islamic Revolution and one of the initiatives of the honorable Imam [Khomeini], has a potential, that enables it to be actively present in all sectors that are needed in the country; it can solve difficult problems. Those who talked and delivered a speech [in this meeting] today, in fact, covered most sectors that are needed by the country; they offered proposals; useful proposals most of which can be put into action. Of course, God willing, with regard to viewpoints of these friends, [and] proposals of these friends, I must assign a group to assess all their aspects, observe them and put those proposals into action. I sincerely thank all these esteemed brethren and sisters who talked here and [made] remarks.

•    Manpower, the final say in any country
As I said before, the issue of the Basij is a very important and profound issue. Basij [mobilization] means gathering [all available] facilities and tapping into all potentialities in order to achieve one’s goals with regard to an issue, which is the focus of attention; this is [the real] meaning of the Basij. If the Islamic Revolution had all the things that we have today, but did not have the public and popular Basij, it would have certainly experienced an important lag in its activities. The Basij Resistance Organization, which praise be to God, has turned into an efficient complex now, is a symbol of the public [and] popular Basij; it is the organized part of the public [and] popular Basij. This organization – [that is,] the Basij Organization – has undertaken important duties. These big and sensitive and important duties are scattered across all sectors. The [main] addressee of this move and this measure is not just young people, [and] is not just men; youths and adolescents and the middle-aged people and old people and men and women and all [people] are addressees of this organization and sensitive concentration of the Basij Resistance Organization. In any system, [and] in any country, the element, which has the final say, is manpower. Those countries of the world, which are advanced in material terms, thanks to their hard-working and active manpower, which set aside laziness and [diligently] pursued the work – even if in quest of the world, even if for the sake of [the amenities of] the world and for [earning more] money – have reached a climax with regard to the same material issue [which they care about] due to diligence of [their] manpower and abilities of [their] manpower; this is the same divine promise. The divine promise says that if a group, [and] a society seeks the world and endeavors [toward it], it will attain it; [and] if they seek spiritual values and real [spiritual] elevation and endeavor [toward it], they will [also] attain it: [as the Quran says:] “To each [category] We extend – to these and to those – from the gift of your Lord.”The Almighty God helps those who seek [the pleasures of] the world, [and] the Almighty God also helps those who seek [spiritual] values and seek [spiritual] elevation; however, those people whose endeavor is limited to products of the material life, they only attain this; they do not understand the meaning of the real life; [and] they do not have a taste of spirituality; it is, of course, [like this].

•    Proposal of the Islamic Revolution: Humanity’s ability to achieve material advances along with preservation of divine values
The Islamic Revolution [in Iran] was a new proposal, [and] a new message for the human life. The world, which was held captive to power and the power game of the powerful, who pushed people toward moral perils and various intellectual perils in order to maintain their [own] power, needed a new message. The Islamic Revolution produced [and] created this new message and presented it [to the world]. This new message is that humanity can achieve material advances, scientific progress, [and] those advances that are fitting and suitable for [the promotion of] human values, along with obtaining satisfaction of the Almighty God and along with preserving divine values and [in doing this,] save the world from the hell that has been created by those who seek power in the world and politicians who are away from spirituality, and create for humanity a [small] paradise in this very world; a paradise of confidence, a paradise of tranquility, a paradise of feeling of responsibility, [and] a paradise of connection with the Almighty God. This was the message of the Islamic Revolution.

•    The Islamic Republic, a format for bringing together musts and must-nots for the establishment of an Islamic society
Of course, there are musts and must-nots with regard to the realization of this message. If such a world is going to come into being, there must not be injustice, must not be tyranny, must not be class divide and class gaps, must not be immersion in lust, must not be corruption in action and corruption in thought; these are must-nots, which are requisites for the establishment of such a society. There are also musts: there must be devotion, there must be feeling of responsibility, there must be effort, there must be struggle, there must be [hard] work, [and] obtaining the Almighty God’s satisfaction must be the [ultimate] goal; these are the musts.
That format, which managed to gather this collection of musts and must-nots and values and aspirations and goals in itself was the phrase “Islamic Republic.” This is why the Imam said, “[Our goals is to establish] the Islamic Republic, neither one word less, nor one word more.” “Republic” means to rely on people’s power, people’s strength, people’s willpower, people’s faith, [and] people’s initiatives; it means manpower, which is the same thing that is the most important factor for progress; and “Islamic” means [doing everything] for the sake of God, on the path of God, to obtain the divine satisfaction, [and to act] within framework of divine and Islamic values. This is the meaning of the Islamic Republic; this was a new message in the world. There have been, and [still] are, people in the world who talked about Islam; their number has also been high, [and] they existed in various forms. However, there is a difference between that [version of] Islam, which is realized within framework of a political system in a country, [and] that Islam, which is propagated and talked about and repeated in articles and written materials and speeches and various [forms of] dialogue within an ignorant system and a non-Islamic system while the real life [in the society] is not Islamic; these [versions of Islam] are very different [from one another] The Islamic Republic realized Islam, that Islam, which is aspired by Muslims, within a geographical complex and a geographical expanse – that is, the country of Iran – in the form of a political system. This [goal] was realized and founded and primarily planned through the Almighty God’s assistance and guidance and [via] vigilance and watchfulness of the honorable Imam and struggle and sacrifice of the [Iranian] nation.

•    The Basij compensates the shortcoming that exists with respect to complete realization of the Islamic Republic
Of course, there was, and still is, a long distance to go before achieving that basic and main goal; no problem; this long distance must be covered by us. It was also like this when Islam originally made its debut. The day when the Honorable Prophet of Islam formed an Islamic government in [the city of] Medina, at that time and in those early years, all Islamic goals were not realized, [and] it was like that until the end of the blessed life of the Prophet. These [goals] must be realized in a gradual manner and were realized [as such]; it depends on whether the necessary and willful and resolute manpower is extant or not. The Basij is that factor, which makes up for this shortcoming. The Basij means that the entire manpower should consider itself duty-bound for the realization of sublime goals; all those people who are endeavoring in different sectors: in military [and] nonmilitary sectors, in the army, in the IRGC [Islamic Revolution Guards Corps], in the police force, in various sectors of the country [where they are making] various kinds of efforts, [and] various people who endeavor in various fields, when they feel [responsibility] and make this very move, this very goal, [and] this very method their [main] concern, they can be considered as a member of the Basij.  Of course, I already said that the issue of the Basij Organization is a different issue; this is a symbol, [and] is a clearly active sector; however, the word “Basij,” [and] the title of the Basij relies on all those people who are active [in various fields in the country].

•    Organization of the Basij Resistance Force and its comprehensiveness pave way for achievement of the Islamic Republic’s lofty goals
And the Basij Resistance Organization, which is one of the [main] organs of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, is a very important and effective and essential body. Every one of you, who are present in this place, is a collection of a thought, a determination, a demand, a faith, [and] a spirit of innovation. The entire people [of Iran], who are hundreds of times or even a thousand times the population that is present here, are mostly young; they also enjoy these characteristics; I mean, every one of them is a thought, a determination, a faith, a will, a productive power, [and] a force to create movement. The important thing is that all these forces, all these willpowers and determinations should help one another and act synergistically. The Basij Resistance Organization of the IRGC shoulders this duty; [I mean,] the duty to coordinate and put all these potentialities and forces and determinations in active networks of activity; this is a duty that is incumbent on them.    
You see; in the field of industry, in the field of agriculture, in the field of art, in the field of reconstruction, in various fields, [and actually] in all fields, we both have something to say, and part of what we say was expressed here by these friends, and [also] have needs. We need to move, need to think, need to made decision, [and] need resolute determination, so that, we can get ourselves [and] get our country to those real and sublime destinations of the Islamic Republic. To do all this, we need movement and activity. This activity could be realized through organization of the Basij Resistance Force and through comprehensive nature of this force. And then you suddenly see that a huge movement for reconstruction and production and progress in various sectors, along with faith, along with insight, [and] along with devotion has been started by a population of several millions in the country; this is a very important and auspicious development! This is the Basij Resistance Force and this is the heavy duty that must be fulfilled.

•    A general principle: Hostility of the enemies of truth will never end
My dear ones! The hostility of the enemies of truth and enemies of God has no end; hostilities [always] exist. Enforcing hostility by the enemies of God depends on the degree of their ability to enforce hostility and enmity. If they see a weakness in the opposite side, [and if] they see that they can enforce this hostility, they will enforce this hostility without any consideration. Those people who become upset at the mention of the enemy [and object] that “why you say enemy, enemy so many times,” they ignore this issue. They ignore [the fact] that if the enemy finds an opportunity, it will lose no time to deal a blow [on us]. This opportunity must not be given to the enemy; in the face of the enemy, no action, word, or state should be seen in us, which would encourage it to deal a blow and show hostility and enforce its enmity. This is a principle, [and] this is a permanent principle; this is [also] a rational principle.
These holy verses [of the Quran], which they recited at the beginning of this meeting, [say:] “Our Lord, forgive us our sins and the excess [committed] in our affairs and plant firmly our feet and give us victory over the disbelieving people.” Those people who stood fast, [including] combatants, courageous warriors, [and] heroes in the arena of resistance, who stood by prophets and asked the Almighty God for help and [then] made a move, the Almighty God rewarded [them for] their steadfastness. [As the Quran says:] “So, Allah gave them the reward of this world and the good reward of the Hereafter.” It is not like that if you struggle on the path of God, the Almighty God will only award you the Heaven! No, it is not solely the reward in the Hereafter [that is given to you, but] there is also a reward in this world. What is the reward in this world? The reward in this world is dignity, is might, is progress, is honor of a nation, [and] is honor of a country. The reward in this world is that the Islamic Republic has been faced with daily plots by enemies during these [past] 38 years – [because] since the victory of the Islamic Revolution up to the present day, we have been constantly faced with various [forms of] hostility from our enemies, that is, the global arrogance and Zionism and reactionary regimes and [the likes of this] – [and] despite [all these plots], at the present time and compared with early [years after victory of] the revolution, we have advanced, progressed, become more capable, [and] become mightier hundreds of times, or one can [even] say thousands of times in various fields. 
[Therefore, everybody must try to] analyze the country’s problems in a correct way. Some people analyze [these problems] in a distorted manner. [For example,] assume, they look and see disbelief, lack of faith and carelessness [about the spiritual values] among some people and take it as a reason that the revolution in the country and the Islamic Republic establishment in the country have become weak; this is not the case; there have been enemies and opposition from the beginning of the revolution. At the present time, the enemy has ratcheted up and intensified its aggression on all sides; at the same time, you see what a blessed and impressive and beautiful movement is the movement of our faithful youths in the country. [The fact] that after 38 years [since the victocy of the Islam Revolution], young people who have never seen the Imam, nor been there at the time of the Sacred Defense [Iraq’s imposed war against Iran], nor experienced the revolution, are present in the arena in this way, are present in the arena and are able to make an effect in the region, this is really one of the miracles of the revolution. In this region, the Islamic Republic – that is, you the young people – have been able to bring the arrogant America to its knees and defeat it. All the efforts that they made and plans that they had made were aimed at taking this region away from the revolutionary and Islamic way of thinking. In fact, this has been a goal for all of them to do away with and bury this revolutionary way of thinking, [and] the resistance [front’s] thinking, which has spread through the region, [but] the opposite [of what they wanted] has happened.
What happened in Syria and Iraq [is a good example], [because] the cancerous tumor, the enemies had created in order to be able to mastermind a development against the resistance front in this region, you managed to excise this tumor, [and] managed to destroy it; the youth were able [to do this]; this very faithful youths. In fact, those people who entered this arena of struggle with great enthusiasm and interest and brought the enemy to its knees, these [young people] were blessed with and took advantage of the same sense of the Basij and the Basij Force.

•    Basiji a vanguard in scientific, industrial, agricultural, service, spiritual, cultural, artistic and other forms of work
It is the same in all sectors. With regard to the issue of science, with regard to the issue of technology, industry and agriculture, with regard to the issue of providing service [to people and] in reconstruction of the country, with regard to spiritual and cultural issues, [and] with regard to artistic issues, we have a very wide area of work, which must be done by the means of you, Basiji brethren and sisters, as vanguards in these arenas. There are also millions of people in the country, who are not part of the Basij Organization, but are potentially a Basij member. They are also able to be present in these arenas, though they are not considered as members of the Basij Organization. This [is] an extraordinary potential that exists in the country at the present time. We praise God, [and] thank God that He has bestowed [upon our country] this potential [and] this huge asset.

•    Some necessary characteristics of the Basij
Preserve the Basij. Those characteristics, which are needed and are source of credit and, praise be to God, have existed in the Basij, preserve those characteristics. Some of these characteristics are insight, knowing the enemy, [knowing the best] ways of countering the enemy, [and] understanding the enemy’s ploys. Our faithful youth must know that one of the methods used by the enemy is to make him indifferent toward the practical values of Islam, [both] with regard to issues related to personal life, [and with respect to] family issues [and other] different issues.
One of the methods used by the enemy is to sow despair among our youths; [to make them believe] that we cannot [do anything on our own], [and] it is not possible [for us] to stand against these [enemies]; and as you see, unfortunately, some people have turned into the enemy’s mouthpiece to spread these things in the society [and make people believe] that it is not possible to stand against these [enemies]. Why it is not possible? The Islamic Republic has stood against excessive demands of enemies and has overcome the enemy in all cases. How is it that you say it is not possible? The Iranian nation managed to rout and throw away the monarchial system, which was a lasting evil tree in this country, while America supported it, Europe supported it, [and] these reactionaries in the region supported it. In a world awash with infidelity and atheism and disbelief and carelessness [about spiritual values], [this nation] managed to establish a government on the basis of [these] values; has succeeded to keep this government in place; has been able to guard and maintain and preserve and develop this Islamic Republic establishment day by day with all its dimensions in this country; [and] has been able to create elements and components of power and might for this establishment. One of the elements of might is science; another element of might is [the country’s] military capabilities; another element of might is the ability to infiltrate into the thoughts and ideas of other nations. [The Iranian nation] has been able to create these [elements of power] for itself, [so] how it is that you say it cannot [stand against its enemies]?
It is also like this from now on. Henceforth, through the divine assistance, the Islamic Revolution will be able to achieve all sublime goals that it has set [for itself], by the means of you, young people, [and] by the means of the faithful generation, which praise be to God, is scattered in the country and exists today. We can [achieve our goals]; we have experienced that we can [do this]. Being able is not simply and merely a belief, [and] is not simply [based on] believing in the occult [assistance from God], [but] we have seen with our own eyes that we can. Some people try to sow despair [and say that we must] be wary of [global] powers and [therefore, they] stand on ceremony in the face of [world] powers. No [this is not right, because] you witnessed that these several straight conspiracies, which America and Zionism and reactionary Arabs and other parties had hatched in this region, all of them were nullified and were made void through the might of the Islamic Republic. One of them was this very issue of [creating] Takfiri, [and] inhuman Daesh group, which well, praise be to God, through endeavor of young people, through endeavor of faithful men, [and] through endeavor of [all] those who believed in the resistance force, was annihilated and done away with. Well, this is no small step, [but] is a very big step. In some of our neighboring countries, they sometimes did not believe that such a measure [can be taken] and such a move can be made, but well, they had to [do something], [and, therefore, they] entered the arena, became successful, [and] believed. This is how the message of the Islamic Republic [and] the message of the revolution reaches nations and is heard by those nations; in practice.
Insight is necessary – [and] is among necessary conditions – [just in the same way that] struggle is necessary, [and] steadfastness is necessary. My dear ones! Steadfastness on this path, [and] standing fast on this path is one of the most necessary and most important factors for progress. Try to keep your environment, your periphery, those elements that are related to you, and more than anything else, the inside of you and your hearts loyal and steady with respect to these ideals and with respect to this path and with respect to these sublime goals; [in that case] you will certainly triumph [over your enemies], [and] victory will certainly be yours. An I foresee the day when, God willing and through the divine assistance, these very steps that at the present time I say must be taken, will be taken, [and] you, dear youths, will say that these steps were taken, and these jobs were done. 
Today, at the present time, there are many things that we must do in the field of economy. In the field of production and job creation and such things – which are among our weaknesses – there are many steps, which must be taken. In the field of culture, there are many steps that must be taken. At the present time, these steps are at a stage of planning and taking action and beginning and progress and going through certain stages, but there will be a day when, God willing, all these steps will have been taken in the best possible manner.
 One day, which God willing will not be very far away, the young and faithful forces will be able to solve the country’s economic problems, double scientific advances, [and] in cultural terms, God willing, spread the dominion of the cultural and prominent content of the revolution and the Quranic concepts and Islamic teachings across the country and in all corners of this country. These steps, God willing, will be taken and will be realized to the dismay of enemies. Of course, enemies will come up with a new plot, a new stratagem, and a new ploy on a daily basis. [Therefore,] our innovative and faithful and well-prepared forces must be ready before the enemy would want to carry out a ploy and implement a new technique; [they must] both give [a suitable] answer [to enemies] and prevent what the enemy is possiblly going to do.
May the Almighty Allah, God willing, protect you and may the Almighty Allah, God willing, help you win great victories. And may the Almighty Allah, God willing, resurrect the purified souls of our dear martyrs, both those who were martyred in battlefields in Syria or in Iraq – [including] the people of those countries or other countries, [and] those young people who faithfully entered this arena – and those people who endeavored inside the country and were martyred, with His Chosen Ones and increase dignity and success and progress and honor and pride of the Iranian nation on a daily basis. And, God willing, [may the Almighty God] elevate the position of our honorable Imam – and do not forget it was he who opened this path before us – on a daily basis to the highest level [of spiritual ranking that is possible], [and] God willing assist us to get ourselves close to this blissful caravan of martyrs.

Peace be unto you and so may the mercy of Allah and His blessings