Image gallery of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution
Image gallery of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution

Image gallery of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution

Images of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution are presented to interested individuals in the form of the “Image of the Leader” gallery
Leadership from the Perspective of Imam Khomeini (q.)
The necessary conditions to be available in a leader are directly connected to the nature of the Islamic government. Disregarding the general conditions like wisdom and proper management, two basic conditions, i.e. justice and to know the law, should also be available.
Ayatullah Haajj Sayyid Ali Khamenei is the son of the late Ayatullah Sayyid Jawad Husaini Khamenei. He was born in Mashhad on the 17th of July 1939, which coincides with the 28th of Safar 1358 Hijri Qamari (lunar year). He was the second son of his parents, born into the house of Sayyid Jawad who lived a very simple life, like many of the scholars of his time, and it was from him that the fam...

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Leadership in the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Article 2: The Islamic Republic
Article 5: The Just and Pious Faqīh
Article 57: Branches of the Government in the Islamic Republic
Article 60: The Executive
Article 91: The Guardian Council
Article 107: Electing the Supreme Leader by the Assembly of Experts
Article 109: Qualifications and Conditions of the Leader
Article 110: Duties and Powers of the Leader
Article 111: Death, Resignation or Dismissal of the Leader
Article 112: The Expediency Council
Article 113: The President
Article 131: Death, Dismissal or Resignation of the President
Article 142: Property of the Leader, the President and Some Other Officials
Article 157: Head of the Judiciary
Article 175: Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB)
Article 177: Revision of the Constitution