The Office of the Supreme Leader

To change khums year

Q: A person says that his khums year starts from the 10th month of the year. He forgot about that date and in the 12th month he purchased a rug, a clock, etc. before calculating the khums. Now he wants to change his khums year’s date to Ramadan. What would your ruling be as regards the two (Imam’s and sayyids’) shares of khums which would apply to the rug, clock, etc?

A: It is not permissible to delay or bring forward the specified khums year’s date unless it is done with the permission of the representative of one's marji', the profits of the period up to the new date have been calculated and it does not cause any harm to the recipients of khums. As to the items purchased with the previous year’s income, one should pay khums on the money paid for them.


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